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  • 141st - Family Programs: College Scholarships

    College Scholarships"STARTER KIT"1) Ron Brown Scholarships---Go to: www.RonBrown.orgThe award: Leadership, community service, and all fields. The deadline is usually in January. This is one of most prestigious scholarships and it's very, very competitive.Details at site. 2) Jackie Robinson Foundation Scholarship---Go to: www.JackieRobinson.orgThe
  • 141st - Family Readiness Tips

    Family Readiness TipsDeployment and separation from family and friends is never easy. Every member of the family is affected when you are on a deployment. Are you and your family ready if you have to leave home for an extended length of time? Here are some tips to help ease the burden of family separations. Getting Organized FINANCIAL PLANNING
  • 141st - National Guard helps region dig out

    Spokesman Review National Guard helps region dig out By Shawn Vestal Staff writer February 3, 2008 The National Guard was called in against the snow Saturday, with Idaho soldiers taking up shovels to clear school roofs in Sandpoint and a Washington Air Guard crew opening snow-clogged roads in rural Spokane County. Forty members of the Idaho
  • 141st - New Pilot Candidate Application Process

    Thank you for your interest in the 116th Air Refueling Squadron. Please review the eligibility criteria below to determine whether you are a qualified applicant.
  • 141st - Strategic Plan - Area of Focus - Customer Focus

    AREA OF STRATEGIC FOCUS: CUSTOMERS GOAL: CULTIVATE STRONG RELATIONSHIPS WITH OUR CUSTOMERS; SEEK FEEDBACK TO UNDERSTAND THEIR REQUIREMENTS AND IMPROVE OUR PROCESSES.  OBJECTIVE 1: Provide timely and accurate customer support to our unit members, to geographically separated units and to state headquarters.
  • 141st - Strategic Plan - Area of Focus - Future Missions & Transformations

    AREA OF STRATEGIC FOCUS: FUTURE ROLES AND MISSIONS GOAL: MAXIMIZE OUR CONTRIBUTION TO THE TOTAL FORCE CONSISTENT WITH THE TRADITIONAL CHARACTER OF THE AIR NATIONAL GUARD.  OBJECTIVE 1: Establish a Northwest Tanker Task Force operation that will exploit the unique capabilities of the KC-135 R model aircraft throughout the next decade.
  • 141st - Strategic Plan - Area of Focus - Modernization

    AREA OF STRATEGIC FOCUS: MODERNIZATION (141ARW) We will aggressively pursue upgrades and re-capitalization opportunities of our capabilities to ensure compatibility and interoperability within the Total Force structure. OBJECTIVE 1. Active participation in Weapon System Councils, ANG/AF conferences, and NGAUS, while providing
  • 141st - Strategic Plan - Area of Focus - People

    The 141st Air Refueling Wing is committed to maintaining and developing a highly motivated and trained force of dedicated citizen airmen with a strong sense of community while providing for an enhanced quality of life. We have a well defined "Life Cycle" for the management of human resources covering the point at which recruits enter military
  • 141st - Strategic Plan - Area of Focus - Planning Process

    STRATEGIC PLANNING PROCESS Senior staff has recently reorganized our wing strategic planning activity. Smaller, more focused elements at group and wing levels were thought to be more efficient and effective for our process. In fact, this was feedback from our two previous conferences. Our new approach seeks to give all unit members the opportunity
  • 141st - Strategic Plan - Area of Focus - Readiness

    AREA OF STRATEGIC FOCUS: READINESS  GOAL: OPTIMIZE UNIT READINESS  OBJECTIVE 1: Provide realistic training and education that enhance our ability to perform our mission. MEASUREMENTS: The "Training" measurement within SORTS is in the C-1 range for each unit. OBJECTIVE 2: