141st - Strategic Plan - Area of Focus - Readiness


    •  OBJECTIVE 1: Provide realistic training and education that enhance our ability to perform our mission.
      • MEASUREMENTS: The "Training" measurement within SORTS is in the C-1 range for each unit.
    • OBJECTIVE 2: Institutionalize an annual combined UTA weekend that enhances our war fighting skills.
      • MEASUREMENTS: A combined weekend readiness UTA is scheduled within the next year.
    •  OBJECTIVE 3: Ensure ancillary training is pertinent to mission accomplishment.
      • MEASUREMENTS: Ancillary training events do not exceed minimums required by regulation without approval from the next higher command level.
    • OBJECTIVE 4: Provide viable skill specific training.
      •  MEASUREMENTS: Senior commanders visit at least one shop or section per UTA to ensure skill specific training provided is viable.
    •  OBJECTIVE 5: Participate in HHQ exercises and deployments that enhance readiness skills.
      • MEASUREMENTS: Participate in at least 2 HHQ exercises and deployments in the next 12 months that enhance readiness skills.
    •  OBJECTIVE 6: Continually improve and enhance the Unit Deployment System.
      • MEASUREMENTS: All units are using the latest Integrated Deployment System software; unit deployment managers and other key personnel are trained in the correct use of these systems.  Commanders provide direction, time and resources for Unit Deployment Managers. All Personnel Readiness Folders reviewed and updated annually.
    • OBJECTIVE 7: Actively participate with MAJCOM and Logistics Centers to improve the quality and reliability of PDM outputs and parts.
      • MEASUREMENTS: Actions are taken to prevent poor quality or unreliable PDM outputs/parts from delaying or canceling missions and increasing man hours expended in performing maintenance. Appropriate feedback provided on all PDM quality product issues. Follow-ups are continued until resolution is achieved.
    •  OBJECTIVE 8: Manage unit funds to enhance readiness issues.
      • MEASUREMENTS: No readiness requirements are unmet due to lack of funding.