141st - Strategic Plan - Area of Focus - Modernization


We will aggressively pursue upgrades and re-capitalization opportunities of our capabilities to ensure compatibility and interoperability within the Total Force structure.
    • OBJECTIVE 1. Active participation in Weapon System Councils, ANG/AF conferences, and NGAUS, while providing modernization opportunities through the Air Council to the ADFAC. Keep wing involved and informed on current, leading edge decisions that may affect the unit.
      • MEASUREMENT: In the wing, establish panels to search out better business practices for maximizing effectiveness of current capabilities and determine the feasibility of equipment upgrades. Representative assigned to attend relevant meetings and conferences throughout the year.
    •  OBJECTIVE 2. Annually update our Air National Guard base master plan.
      •  MEASUREMENT: 100% of proposed projects are current in terms of cost estimates and priority.
    •  OBJECTIVE 3. Pursue support from OTAG to seek facility funding through the Congressional Budget Addition and POM processes.
      •  MEASUREMENT: Brief OTAG on annual updates to base master plan. Reprioritize base infrastructure projects as necessary during quarterly facility board meetings.
      • OBJECTIVE 4. Complete weapons system conversions and modifications.
        •  MEASUREMENT: Pacer CRAG modifications completed as planned. KC-135 R- model conversion completed as planned.