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  • 141 ARW Guardsmen Take Charge Overseas

    In January the 141st ARW became the lead unit for a two month deployment at Incirlik, Turkey. The mission included 19 different Guard units with the mission to oversee the transit of aircraft from Europe to support Operation Iraqi freedom and Operation enduring freedom. More than 100 people were supporting, maintaining and operating tankers in a 24
  • 141 ARW - Making Safety an Opportunity

    Have you ever noticed that we often see safety discussed in the context of an issue, i.e this is a safety issue? The word "issue" is given a number of definitions in Webster's dictionary but two in particular are noteworthy. The first is "a point, matter, problem, argument, or matter of contention". The second is "publish, send out, circulate,
  • 141 ARW - Equal Opportunity is Coming to an Office Near You!

    The Equal Opportunity office has begun a new program - the Out and About visit. This is your opportunity to voice concerns and issues (good and bad) to an unbiased third party! EO staff members will visit a different unit each UTA to gain an understanding of its general climate, personnel concerns, and handling of EO issues. We will accomplish this
  • 141st - ANG Team Receives award for Outstanding Professionalism

    The members of the 141st ARW Control Column Actuated Brake modification team were recognized for their outstanding professionalism by the KC-135 Systems Management Office in March 2008. The CCAB modification will improve the safety of the fleet by stopping or preventing stabilizer trim action in a direction opposite to elevator control input. The
  • 141st - 70th Annual Torchlight Parade '08

    141st - 70th Annual Torchlight Parade '08
  • Uniting for CERFP

    Fort Lewis Army Base, Washington-- A joint exercise to prepare for large scale disasters took place May 1 thru May 4 at the Fort Lewis Leschi Town training area. The Air and Army National Guard joined together in a scenario to handle mass casualties and chemical decontamination. The four day exercise for Chemical Biological Radioactive Nuclear
  • 141st - Return to Readiness Event Helps Veterans

    The Washington National Guard co-hosted the first Veteran Assistance Information Fair for Eastern Washington on 5 January 2008 at the Deel Community Center, Fairchild AFB. The event was a specialized "Return to Readiness" event that was organized to provide a one stop source of information to returning Washington State members of the Reserve and
  • 141st - Recognition Where Recognition is Due

    I'm an old guy and have been around the block a time or two. I'm not going to get any more promotions and my retirement is approaching with the airspeed of a KC-135 in flight. But I love to be appropriately recognized for my contributions. Why? Because, along with a jolt of encouragement, it's a way to gauge my individual performance. If I'm
  • 141st - Recruiting Assistant

    How would you like to earn $2000 for enlisting a new recruit? Then you might want to check out The Guard Recruiting Assistant Program. The program is designed to enable National Guard members on traditional status and retirees to be qualified as a part-time recruiting assistant and receive bonuses for enlisting new and prior service recruits into
  • 141st - Why Do We Love "Inspection"?

    Yes, it's that time again! No, not Valentines Day! It's Self Inspection Time! It seems like there is a never ending cycle of inspections for our organizations. In the last year the 141st Air Refueling Wing has been subjected to several major, Inspector General Inspections, not to mention two separate Self Inspection Cycles and Staff Assistance