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141st - ANG Team Receives award for Outstanding Professionalism

5 - June 2008 -- The members of the 141st ARW Control Column Actuated Brake modification team were recognized for their outstanding professionalism by the KC-135 Systems Management Office in March 2008. 

The CCAB modification will improve the safety of the fleet by stopping or preventing stabilizer trim action in a direction opposite to elevator control input. 

The project began at the 141 ARW in December 2006; to date we have successfully modified 53 aircraft from various ANG, AFRC and Active Duty units. By using the ANG rather than the standard Depot configuration to complete the modification, the government has saved in excess of 38 million dollars. The modification is being completed at three ANG sites, Rickenbacker ANG base, Ohio, Meridian, Mississippi, and here at the 141 ARW. 

The 141 ARW team consists of the Project Officer / Manager Lt Col Joseph Ferraro, Production Superintendent MSgt David Heinemann, Expediter MSgt Bill Mader, Repair & Reclamation Specialists MSgt Todd Cael and SSgt Matthew Richard, Crew Chiefs TSgt Lyle Rasmussen, TSgt Janette Bailey, SSgt Robert Jones, Supply/Fuels SMSgt John Ochoa, Flight Chief and Supply Representative CMSgt Rob Nebergall. 

Every jet that is modified requires a Functional Check Flight to ensure the flight systems that were disturbed during the modification were restored to the proper configuration. Our aircrew team consists of the CCAB Chief Pilot Lt Col Anthony Lanzillo, Government Flight Representative and Pilot Lt Col Charles Moinette, CCAB Pilot Lt Col Erika Plosa, Boom Operators SMSgt Dane Porter, SMSgt Erik Apelskog and TSgt Chuck Parsons. If you have any questions feel free to contact either Lt Col Ferraro at 247-7262 or CMSgt Nebergall at 247-7794.