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141 ARW - Equal Opportunity is Coming to an Office Near You!

5 - June 2008 -- The Equal Opportunity office has begun a
new program - the Out and About visit.
This is your opportunity to voice concerns
and issues (good and bad) to an unbiased
third party!
EO staff members will visit a different unit
each UTA to gain an understanding of its
general climate, personnel concerns, and
handling of EO issues. We will accomplish
this in two phases. First, we will talk to
individuals about the atmosphere of their
workplace, as well as listen to any specific
concerns they may have. All communication
is anonymous.
Due to our recent wing climate survey, we
will highlight the area of discrimination. To
complete the second phase of the visit, we
will observe the workplace - looking for
items such as our contact information and
Colonel Bulkley's policy letter on Equal
Opportunity and Prevention of Sexual
When observing the workplace we will take
into consideration the overall condition of
the workplace as related to equal opportunity.
Once again, I want to emphasize that the
Out and About program is an opportunity to
have your voice heard.
As mentioned earlier, we did hear a number
of voices through our wing climate survey
which many of you completed last July and
September - 61 percent to be exact. The EO
office would like to thank those of you who
Overall people who took the survey ranked
areas positive. Discrimination (racial, sexual,
age, disability, religion, national origin, or
color) constituted one area that needs
attention. We hope to address that though
our Out and About visits.
If you have any questions about the
survey, or any other general questions,
please feel free to call or stop by our office.
We are here to help promote a more
positive atmosphere so we all can enjoy a
long and rewarding career in the 141 ARW!
You will find us in room 140 of the wing
building. Our extension is 7033.