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141st - Recruiting Assistant

Feb 2008 -- How would you like to earn $2000 for enlisting a new recruit? Then you might want to check out The Guard Recruiting Assistant Program.
The program is designed to enable National Guard members on traditional status and retirees to be qualified as a part-time recruiting assistant and receive bonuses for enlisting new and prior service recruits into the National Guard.
"This program is really great. I wish more people would get involved," said Staff Sgt Peter Higa, Air National Guard Recruiter in Spokane. "They assist a lot in the recruiting process and receive $2000 for each recruit."
The program differs from the referral program, where a member will refer someone to a recruiter, is that the assistants become heavily involved in the application process and are a mentor to the new recruit.
Recruiting Assistants (RA's) identify potential members of the National Guard and promote the benefits of service. From there RA's will begin the application process, pre-screen for eligibility and benefits, then arrange meetings between the nominee and the Recruiter. They work with the Recruiter to prepare the recruit for the MEPS and ASVAB appointment and maintain contact with them during basic military training and technical school to provide support.
The program is voluntary and is independent from the role as a National Guard member. Assistant duties are performed during personal time.
Volunteers apply at the Guard Recruiting Assistant website. An online training course and exam are taken to qualify. Additional sales training and assistance are provided by the local recruiters. Volunteers are verified and hired by Docupak, a contracted company.