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141 ARW Guardsmen Take Charge Overseas

5 - June 2008 -- In January the 141st ARW became the lead
unit for a two month deployment at Incirlik,
Turkey. The mission included 19 different
Guard units with the mission to oversee the
transit of aircraft from Europe to support
Operation Iraqi freedom and Operation
enduring freedom.
More than 100 people were supporting,
maintaining and operating tankers in a 24 hour
7 days a week environment.
Missions were flown around the clock
refueling C-5s, C-17s and an occasional B-1
deploying and redeploying to and from the
In the first month they offloaded
approximately 60 million pounds of fuel, flew
around 90 sorties with approx 160 hours of
flying time.
"We had help from maintainers and crews
from Alaska, Tennessee and New Hampshire.
The rainbow crews brought their own unit
aircraft which were flown by all. The 92nd
force. Many members volunteered on short
notice. There were also members who
volunteered for multiple rotations.
The 141st took over from the Milwaukee
Guard unit and set up an entire maintenance
package. Even with the limited manpower
there was no delay in the flying mission.
"The group showed high levels of capabilities
and professionalism to do a job as a team,"
said Capt. Marc Scott, 141st Maintenance.
"The different guard units worked well
together with small differences in work
By supplying fuel in flight, the mission
helped reduce fuel usage and resources in
Guard members also assisted in the repair of
a refueler from the Turkish Air Force.
"The Guard community came to work
together to put the mission first," said Capt.
Scott. "The guardsmen willingness to go
anywhere makes us invaluable."
provided us with the remainder of the aircraft
used." Lt. Col. Michael Boyington,
Commander, 141st Operations Support Flight.
First two weeks brought considerable
maintenance challenges due to a reduced work
"The Guard community
came to work together
to put the mission first."
Capt. Marc Scott
141st Maintenance