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  • It takes two to tanker

    October 1, 2007, a ceremony was held to reveal the on a Fairchild’s KC-135 Stratotanker, a representation of the new classic association between the active duty 92nd Air Refueling Wing and the Washington Air National Guard 141st ARW.

  • Guard fit, Guard ready!

    The time of year when people resolve to lose weight, get into shape and eat healthier is swiftly approaching. This can take time, dedication and determination. Time can be hard to come by, while dedication and determination need to be found deep within.There are many different benefits to

  • Three wings unite for annual awards banquet

    Air National Guard members from the state of Washington met at the Spokane Convention Center, in Spokane, Wash., Feb. 8, for the 5th Annual Washington Air National Guard Awards Banquet. The event, hosted by Col. John S. Tuohy, Assistant Adjutant General - Air, Washington, kicked off with a social

  • Crash brings nations together

    Jan. 13, marked the 15 year anniversary of a KC-135E Stratotanker crash just outside of Geilenkirchen NATO Air Base, Germany. The crash was the deadliest in the 90 year history of the 141st Air Refueling Wing, located at Fairchild Air Force Base, Wash. Four Air National Guard crew members, all

  • ESSO 77 Memorial

    Monday marked the 15th anniversary of the loss of a 141st Air Refueling Wing KC-135E Stratotanker that crashed in 1999 at Geilenkirchen NATO Air Base, Germany. According to news reports the investigation revealed the cause of the crash was the aircraft's pitch up to a near-vertical altitude and

  • Student Flight

    "Room... attention," a male voice called out. This was not quite the greeting I was expecting as I attempted to quietly enter the room. The voice, hesitant, wasn't at the volume level to command a whole room, so only a few people stood up and came to a position resembling attention. The rest looked

  • Honoring Veterans

    There are just 24 short notes in the musical piece commonly known as "Taps". It was arranged in 1862 by Union Brigadier General Daniel Butterfield who wanted to replace the old French bugle call for "lights out" during the Civil War.Within months, the tune was being played in camps for both armies

  • Show of Force

    The 141st Security Forces Squadron with assistance from the 366th Training Group and the Army National Guard was involved in an annual training exercise, June 2, 2012 at Fairchild Air Force Base, Wash. The training scenario involved a downed helicopter with a hurt crew that was under fire. During

  • Pilot for a Day

    Two female pilot candidates were accepted to train during the unit's Pilot for a Day program May 30, 2012.The two candidates, Anna, 9, and Madeline, 5, know each other very well, in fact, they spend a lot of time together -- they are sisters -- and they are both fighting cancer. Life has thrown one