(0955) Message from Adjutant General Major General Bret D. Daugherty

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I continue to be amazed at the way we've adapted to our current way of life.
Thanks to those who are immediately involved in the response, as well as our
colleagues who have found innovative ways to complete our mission while
ensuring social distancing.

As you're likely aware, yesterday Gov. Inslee signed a statewide
proclamation directing people to stay home. It requires you to do your part
and remain at your residence unless you're seeking groceries, medical care
or traveling to an essential business.

As an Emergency Management and Military organization - you are considered
essential.  As field hospitals flow into our state to respond, we may need
to call you in to help.  Those of you who are at work now, please keep six
to ten feet between you.

With that said, I want as many of our employees teleworking as possible. And
for those that hold a position that isn't remote-friendly, work with your
supervisor to develop a solution. Let's be creative and find a way to comply
with the governor's directive, while keeping each other safe. 
I can't express my thanks enough. Thank you for your commitment to keeping
our communities safe.
More information about the governor's statewide proclamation for a Stay
Home, Stay Healthy order is available on the State's official COVID-19 website


Bret D. Daugherty
Major General
Adjutant General-Washingto