(1030) Message from Adjutant General Major General Bret D. Daugherty

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As we make necessary changes to embrace this new reality, I can't stress
enough the importance of social distancing. Please, if you haven't changed
your habits already - start now. Postpone your frisbee games. Run around
Camp Murray solo. Spread out your workstations. And most important - remind
those who are in the at-risk category to stay at home. This strategy only
works if we all do it together. Do your part - both professionally and

With that in mind, I've attached additional guidance from state HR related
to telework. And I've directed both our state and federal directors to find
creative ways, to include working from home, to ensure we're getting our
work done while maintaining space between our employees. 

Social distancing also requires we cancel the 81st Brigade's upcoming
rotation at the National Training Center. This was something we've spent
years preparing for. For those that were relying on the drill income, I've
directed our leaders to be flexible and to ensure you get the training days
you were counting on.

Finally, if you develop a fever or other illness, or believe you've been
exposed to someone who may be positive for COVID-19, inform your supervisor
immediately. It's critical we get this information right away so we can
better prepare and protect our colleagues.

While this emergency can be unnerving - more than anything, I ask you to
stay calm. Together, we're going to get through this. I can assure you of
that. Combining our state and federal forces, we have a talented team
working day and night to help address this situation, and I'm confident
we're making a difference. Let's continue to lead by example and take the
steps necessary to slow the spread.

Bret D. Daugherty
Major General
Adjutant General-Washington