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141 ARW - Career Assistance Online

5 - June 2008 -- Now, enlisted career development information is all just a click away through the AF Portal. The USAF Force Development office designed this technology tool for the entire enlisted corps. My Enlisted Development Plan, or MyEDP, is the Air Force cradle-to-grave enlisted developmental tool. 
Airmen can use the features to increase their knowledge on every aspect of career development. MyEDP provides links to the appropriate AFI's and ANGI's, short course descriptions (i.e. Airman Leadership School - ALS), and links to other valuable AF sites, such as the AF Virtual Education Center (AFVEC) or the weekly Roll Call.
Need a way to provide information to a member transferring from the Army or
another branch of service? MyEDP's goal is to provide a constant source of information regarding enlisted career development. Airmen can access MyEDP after logging into the AF Portal under "Featured Links". Click on the link for My Enlisted Development Plan. There will be a page on how to create a MyEDP account the first time you enter MyEDP. There are just four easy steps to follow to create an account. You will enter in your SSN twice, then verify, and edit if needed, your information (pulled from MilPDS), and then enter in an email address for yourself (any email address can be used). Click on the finish button and you're done. You now have an account and your MyEDP displays. With MyEDP, Airmen can allow others (supervisor, mentor) to view their MyEDP page. You can share with any member who has created a MyEDP account. Airmen can also keep a list of journal entries related to their career goals or related information. The entries are saved until you delete them. Once an individual grants you access to their MyEDP page, supervisors or mentors can add comments to their journal entries. This is an excellent tool for supervisors to use for performance feedback throughout the year or for mentors to give Airmen the tools for development or career advice so they reach their greatest potential.
If you have questions or would like more information about MyEDP, contact your Wing Human Resource Advisor (HRA), SMSgt David Thornburg at ext. 7075 or email David.Thornburg@wafair.ang.af.mil .