History of the Honor Guard

In May of 1948, the Headquarters Command of the United States Air Force was instructed to develop plans for assembling an elite ceremonial unit comparable to those of the other armed services. As a result, a ceremonial unit was activated within the Air Police Squadron in September 1948 with an authorized strength of 98 enlisted and 2 officers. However, due to transfers and personnel attrition, the end of the year found the Ceremonial Detachment, for all practical purposes, disbanded. It wasn't until March 1949 that sufficient personnel were assigned enabling the unit to function.

The Ceremonial Detachment continued to be assigned to the Air Police Squadron, which, after several re-designations evolved into the 1100th Security Police Squadron in December of 1971. Finally, on January 1st of 1972, the Honor Guard came into its own as a separate unit and was authorized 3 officers and 147 enlisted personel.

Today's Honor Guard is comprised of volunteers who are carefully screened for their ability and physical dexterity. Only those persons who are highly motivated and maintained an exceptionally high standard of appearance, conduct, and aptitude for ceremonial duty are considered.