141st (WOW) - Application Process


Do you want a flying career after college?

This is an opportunity for high school students in their junior or senior year of high school to grab the inside track towards becoming a professional pilot. If selected you will join the Washington Air National Guard and receive benefits to include financial aid and a part-time job to assist with the costs of college. After college, if all requirements and progress standards have been met, you will attend the best flight school in the world, Air Force Specialized Undergraduate Pilot Training (SUPT) and return to Spokane to fly for the 116th Air Refueling Squadron.

Leadership, Challenge, Opportunity, World Travel, Scholarships, Teamwork, Professional Development, Competitive Pay/Benefits...WINGS OVER WASHINGTON (WOW)...takeoff into the future...experience the exhilaration of flight and the thrill of the fight...go where the action is...experience it all right here in the Washington Air National Guard...start now by completing the Flight Plan below!

Application Process

Physical Requirements:
1.  Height: 64" to 77"
2.  Sitting height: 34" to 40"
3.  Buttocks to knee measurement must not be more than 27"
4.  Weight must be more than 102 pounds
5.  Distant eyesight must be 20/70 or better and correctable to 20/20 in each eye; near vision 20/30 or better and correctable to 20/20.

Other Eligibility Requirements:
1.  Be a High School Junior or Senior.
2.  Complete the Armed Services Vocational Aptitude Battery (ASVAB) test.
3.  Complete a Military Entrance Processing (MEPS) physical.
4.  Complete an application with a one page letter on "Why I want to fly for the Washington Air National Guard."
5.  Willing to incur a ten year Military Service Obligation (MSO) after SUPT.
6.  Be able to enter formal training within 18 months of college graduation and attend approximately two years of required training outside of WA State.

7.  Be able to obtain a Top Secret Security Clearance and meet other security requirements. If at any time the ability to obtain a Top Secret Security Clearance is lost the WOW position will be terminated.

8.  After completing all formalized training and becoming mission qualified in the KC-135, members must:
     -Reside within two hours (driving) of Fairchild AFB.
     -Be available to fly a minimum of four times a month.
     -Attend Quarterly MUTA (drill) unless excused by the Squadron Commander.
     -Perform a minimum of 15 days of Annual Training, potentially away from home station.
     -Be available to participate in various deployments, inspections, evaluations and other mission readiness activities.

To Start the Process:
1.  Submit your application package (process link at the bottom of this page)
2.  All candidate packages are reviewed and vetted.
3.  The top applicants will meet the interview board which occurs as required. 
4.  The interview board will select the WOW candidate.



In Their Senior Year: 
1.  Enlist for six years in the Washington ANG. Career field selection will be based on available career fields within the 141 ARW, the individual’s qualifications (ASVAB Scores) and personal preferences.
2.  Throughout their senior year of High School, attend  Mandatory Unit Training Assembly (MUTA), aka Drill Weekend.

After Graduation From High School:

1.  Submit their H.S. diploma for promotion eligibility.
2.  Attend Air Force Basic Military Training (BMT) and then Technical Training for their selected enlistment career field. The WOW candidate will attend BMT after graduation and prior to attending college.
3.  Candidates will undergo bi-annual review of job performance with a designated representative from the Operations Group.

1.  After military technical training, the WOW selectee will enroll in a four-year college degree program. College enrollment will be no later than the first fall semester/quarter following military technical training.

2.  Candidates are expected to maintain a cumulative GPA of at least 3.0 and are expected to complete their Baccalaureate degree in four years or less from their enrollment date in a course of study of their choosing. Exceptions to the GPA and time to graduate requirements are at the discretion of the Operations Group Commander on a case by case basis.

4.  Education enrollment breaks due to deployments or other military related activities will be coordinated between the Operations Group and the Group where the member is assigned.

5.  UTAs will be attended at your home unit and 15 days of Annual Training will be performed while attending college.

6.  Yearly college transcripts will be provided to the 116th ARS DO or ADO for review.

7.  After graduation the WOW candidate will provide an official transcript and degree documentation to the Operations Group.

Preparation for SUPT:
1.  After college graduation, take the Air Force Officer Qualifying Test (AFOQT). Achieve a minimum composite score of 50 when adding both "Pilot" and "Nav" scores together. Scores cannot be in the 25th percentile or lower in the pilot category and 10th percentile or lower in the navigator composite. Your local ANG recruiter can provide information on completing the test.
2.  Take the Basic Attributes Test (BATS) - These test your basic hand/eye coordination skills. 
3.  Complete a commissioning physical.


-The Operations Group will certify all requirements have been met.

-Participants are not obligated to attend SUPT if their career plans change. Any obligations incurred due to enlistment or Active Duty Service Commitment (ADSC) associated with technical training will be served unless released by appropriate command authority. If any WOW requirements were not met, resulting in forfeiture of the WOW SUPT position, the candidate can apply, after college graduation, for a regular SUPT slot following that application process if desired and eligible.


Once in SUPT Pipeline:
1.  Qualify medically and successfully complete Flying Class 1 (FC1) physical. 
2.  Meet fitness requirements.
3.  Complete Initial Flight Screening (IFS).
4.  Obtain a commission by graduating from Total Force Officer Training (TFOT).

-Attend Specialized Undergraduate Pilot Training (54 weeks):

Possible locations include: Vance AFB, OK; Laughlin AFB, TX; Columbus AFB, MS.
1.  Six weeks of academics.
2.  Five months in the T-6 Texan II trainer introducing flight acrobatics, instrument flight and formation.
3.  Five months training covering advanced navigation and mission familiarization in the T-1A "Jayhawk".

-Attend Water Survival School:
Academics and practical training in surviving an over water bailout. Course includes parachute landings and helicopter rescue in the water. One week at Fairchild AFB, Wash.

-Attend Land Survival:
Academics and practical training in surviving an overland mishap. Escape and evading enemy forces on the ground and resistance training in a POW camp. Three weeks at Fairchild AFB, Spokane WA.

-Attend KC-135 Training:
-Combat Crew Training School (CCTS) - Aircrew qualification training for KC-135 crews, lasting approximately 6 months at Altus AFB, OK. The course includes academics, simulators, and flights in the KC-135R.

-Return to Spokane and become Mission Qualified in the 141 ARW mission.
-45-day local Mission Continuation Training (MCT) at Fairchild AFB.


Are you ready to take the next step?

Contact a Washington ANG (509) 247-7810 (7816) recruiter for additional details.



Please submit, AT A MINIMUM, the following items in the listed order:

1.  WOW Application

2.  A one page letter explaining why you want to fly for the Washington Air National Guard
3.  ASVAB test results
4.  MEPS test results
5.  High School Transcripts (Grades) to date
6.  Letter(s) of recommendation (optional)

7.  Any other items you feel pertinent.


Click on the Pilot Application button below and select "save as..." from the menu.


Contact Information:
If you have any questions about the hiring process, please call or email:

E-Mail: Brit.Quigley@us.af.mil
 or Emily.Hanson.2@us.af.mil

Phone:  (509) 247-7142 / DSN 370-7142 -or- (509) 247-7108 / DSN 370-7108

FAX:  (509) 247-7141 or DSN 370-7141

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